SIMA Ingeniería Montajes y Servicios, S.L.

Since its very beginnings SIMA Ingeniería Montajes y Servicios, S.L. has participated in the majority of industrial projects in Spain and has also worked on a multitude of international projects.

LEADERS in our sector:

The capabilities of our on-site expert engineers, together with the customer, allow us to provide the best solutions in:

  • Design engineering.
  • Planning and methods.
  • On-site technical assistance.
  • On-site applied engineering.
  • Logistics bases distributed throughout the territory and managed in a coordinated manner
  • Pioneers in the logistics management of on-site materials.
  • Safe products and solutions.
  • Highest production quality standards.
  • Technological leadership through continuous innovation.
  • Involvement in the works of great importance.
  • Capability to deliver and national and international service.
  • Certificates and approvals in the majority of industrial areas.

SIMA has participated at a national level in the following areas:

Industrial sector
Reservoirs and thermal power plants
Water treatment plants

A presence in today’s largest industrial centers

Madrid A Coruña Tarragona Puertollano Bilbao Cartagena Sevilla


What our customers say

At the end of the downtime we can say that it was successfully concluded and that they complied with all the proposed execution and safety objectives. It was without a doubt the most important milestone this year for the refinery due to the nature and complexity of its execution. The attitude, commitment and cooperation of the personnel when carrying out all the services requested have doubtlessly contributed to this success and it is with this in mind that we congratulate them on behalf of BP.
BP Oli España, S.A.U.
On behalf of the Maintenance and Static Units Department of the Enagas Plant in Cartagena it is our pleasure to transmit our satisfaction for the excellent work carried out at our facilities and we ask that this be passed on to all the personnel involved for their efficient work.

We are grateful for the effort and mindfulness shown in relation to the occupational health and safety during the project and particularly during these last few weeks by all the workers and managers on the site. It is evident that the recycling sessions organized by your supervisors have had a very positive result. As proof of this, one of your workers has been awarded the monthly safety prize, given that he has carried out his/her work with particular diligence and professionalism. We trust that project will continue forward in the same manner and we shall continue to work with the same degree of safety.

Within the framework of our planned and often fortuitous activities, we have confirmed the efficacy, quality and timeliness of your company. The high regard for the safety rules in the workplace should also be noted given that this is the subject of great admiration by the Occupational Risk Prevention Service of the companies participating on this thermal power plant construction site. On several occasions, our joint customer has also expressed its complete satisfaction with your company’s services. For these reasons, we wholeheartedly recommend the services. I am convinced that this company can be a valuable asset for your projects.
MAN Diesel
On behalf of the team of the works carried out, it is our pleasure to transmit our satisfaction regarding the excellent work carried out at our facilities and we ask that this be passed on to all the personnel involved for their efficient work.

Thanks and acknowledgments from our customers